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Brainstorming Session
Our Difference

The fertility PRO difference is clear.

We started with a simple mission: to create a suite of software specifically for the fertility industry that not only reduces paperwork, but that is easy for all users—from administrators and coordinators to lab techs, embryologists & patients—to quickly adopt and even embrace.


How did we do this?  We developed our robust platform on the most modern, cloud-based technology.  From there, we designed distinct modules for every aspect of fertility management that can be seamlessly integrated and, as such, reduce system-wide redundancy.


Finally, we designed an extremely user-friendly interface based on unique roles and need-to-know information.  In other words, physicians, embryologists, nurses and admins only see their own patients and associated tasks.  This streamlined approach both increases efficiency and helps to eliminate errors—a double win for fertility clinics.


Built by users.

No one is better at identifying the obstacles encountered while using either an outdated or poorly designed fertility EMR than physicians, nurses and admins.  Which is why Fertility Pro has worked hand-in-hand with some of the most successful clinics worldwide.  The result?  The best software suite to help manage and promote growth in the fertility industry.


The value of data.

Fertility Pro turns qualitative, unstructured data into quantitative, structured data that can be viewed as queries, reports diagrams or KPIs via a customizable dashboard.  This means clinics can easily meet regulatory requirements such as SART and create their own standards of excellence.


Only the most progressive clients.

Who are our clients?  Progressive, determined physicians, nurses, scientists, and staff who truly want to take their practices to the next level.  

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